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JMU W. Soccer Prepares Packages For Troops

Apr 14, 2014, 5:00 PM EDT

In early April, the James Madison women’s soccer program, stemming off an idea redshirt freshman Alyssa Zurlo, got together to build and then send “care” packages to to U.S. troops currently stationed in Afghanistan.

Immediately, Zurlo told Dukes’ assistant coach Scott Gerseny, who also knew it would be an ideal way for his team to give back.

“It was a great opportunity to do something a little different,” Gerseny said on “The team was instantly excited and became super involved.”

Come April 2nd, the JMU’s women’s soccer program sent out their first package to the troops, including items like snacks, medical supplies and fun items for activities as well. Overall, besides the obvious kindness of the gesture by the team, it has to be equally as important to for Zurlo, who’s brother Matt went to JMU and is now serving his nation in Afghanistan.

“Knowing my team enjoys service, I believed that this was a great way to show our appreciation and thanks to the men and women who serve our country,” Zurlo said in the article on “Matt never asks for things for himself but rather his entire platoon, which is why I desired to have the university he attended show their support to him and his platoon.”

Well said, Alyssa.

To read the full article and to learn more about the Dukes’ future efforts to send packages to our troops, click this link. Also, feel free to check out a neat video feature done by WHSV, a local Harrisonburg, Va., news station.