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U.S. Amateur Q/A – College of Charleston’s Alex Ellis

Aug 12, 2013, 12:31 PM EDT

Tim McDonnell recently sat down with current CAA men’s golfer Alex Ellis of the College of Charleston to talk about qualifying for the 2013 U.S. Men’s Golf Amateur Championship held in Brookline, Mass., from Aug. 12-18.

Alex Ellis – Rising senior, College of Charleston

TM – Alex, I understand this is your second trip to the U.S. Amateur in the last three years. That has to be great for your confidence. Plus, it’s a solid learning experience. Talk about last year’s tournament.

AE – It was overwhelming. I played well the first day, then I remember I was on the first tee at Cherry Hill and Jack Nicklus is right behind me watching me tee off. I doubled my first hole. It was definitely a little overwhelming.


TM – I’m glad you’re a lefty, so am I. You know you have to represent for us next week … I’ve also seen some action shots of you using two gloves while you play. That’s a little unorthodox, right?

AE – I’ve always done that stuff. I use a 10-finger grip. It’s definitely way different, it’s just, I’ve tried to change and I can’t.

TM – Have the guys on the team given you a hard time about the gloves? Maybe call you Michael Jackson or something if you change the colors?

AE – There’s definitely been a few jokes, especially once the black rain gloves come out (haha).


TM – It seems like you’ve had a slid summer, it’s coming to end soon. Talk about CofC’s transition into the CAA. It’s probably cool to play against new teams, new competition and in new cities and courses, right?

AE – It’s an exciting finish and I’m excited to see a whole bunch of new teams, new players and coaches. Different cities too, we never travel up north and I think that will be the first change that we will notice. I think the farthest team we’ve ever played was Notre Dame. I guess that’s the coldest we’ve ever played in, now we’ll need long sleeves.


TM – John Duke Hudson, a recent Charleston grad, also qualified for the same tournament. That’s pretty cool. Will you guys hangout or go together to Mass?

AE – John Duke has been my roommate for four years. So yes, I’ve talked to him about the amateur. He’s a Texas guy, like me. He also qualified a week in a half before me, so that was a little more motivation to get there.


TMThe Country Club in Brookline is pretty well known, especially for the history of golf in the United States. What are looking forward to and/or what do you know about the course?

AE – It’s pretty nervous. I’ve seen all the highlights from the Ryder Cup there in 1999, I’m just excited to get out there and work. Some of the tournaments that have been there have been some of the most famous, I remember where Tiger (Woods) chipped in and some pretty famous putts as well.


TM – Last question: Talk in general about representing not only the College of Charleston, but also the CAA. Last thoughts in the days leading up to the event?

AE – I’m not going to try and change anything with my game, just work on the things that I do well. Not trying to change myself as a golfer because I’m going to a big tournament. It will be fun to represent Charleston and the CAA. The first two rounds are played in stroke play, then anything happen in match play. You can start winning a few matches, get your confidence going, anything can happen.


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