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Towson Men’s Lacrosse Attacks “House of Pain”

Jan 16, 2013, 2:38 PM EDT

On Monday, Jan. 14 and Tuesday, Jan. 15, Towson Lacrosse welcomed The Program back to campus to begin workouts for the 2013 season.

Former Navy SEAL Coleman Ruiz, former British Army Sergeant-Major Sol Sollerer and former Force Reconnaissance Marine Tom Ripley led the Tigers through two days of teamwork and leadership building exercises.

On Monday evening, the team worked outdoors, completing calisthenics and a four-corner circuit before tackling a cross-country obstacle course. Early Tuesday morning, Towson Lacrosse undertook a two-hour workout nicknamed the “House of Pain” – team-based circuit training that included weights, calisthenics and sparring.

“I think it really gets the team on the same page,” said junior co-captain Thomas DeNapoli. “It gets us focusing and digging deeper than we thought we ever could. The exercises definitely relate to training on the field, so any time we’re doing any of that, it’s going to give us an advantage over our competition.”

“It definitely helps us with conditioning and helps us understand we can go past our comfort zone,” added senior co-captain Andrew Wascavage. “It helps us a lot with team-building and chemistry. The sparring gives us confidence to be able to go out on the field and take on bigger guys during games.”

For more on the two-day event for Towson’s Men’s Lacrosse squad logon to For information on The Program and all it can do for your organization checkout We also included a number of photos from the two-day event taken on by the Tigers below.