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Commissioner Yeager comments on the College of Charleston developments

Oct 19, 2012, 12:09 PM EDT

CAA Commissioner Tom Yeager, along with a number of the league’s staff members, watched Friday as the College of Charleston Board of Trustees met on the topic of league affiliation. No, Yeager and staffers weren’t at the meeting, but rather huddled around computer screens and mobile devices following the developments on Twitter. Upon the final tweet sent from the College of Charleston’s official account — (@CofCSports): Resolution passes, 12-5, to permit #CofC President George Benson to commence contract negotiations w/ the #CAA — Yeager issued the following statement.

“We are thrilled with the interest expressed by the College of Charleston,” Yeager said. “We look forward to entering into immediate negotiations with President Benson and hope to resolve any issues and finalize the process as quickly as possible.”

For now that is all of the news you will find on the subject at CAA Overtime. The CAA will reserve any further public commentary until both Yeager and Benson have the opportunity to meet and discuss the path forward, but until then be sure to follow your local beat reporters for anything more breaking.